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Birendra Rajkarnicar holds Master Of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, (Massachusetts, USA) Major: International Business Management...
Meenu Rajkarnicar holds Bachelor in Arts(Major in English) Patan Multiple Campus, TU and Intermediate in Law, Nepal Law Campus, TU Kathmandu...
+977-1-5543018/19, 9851020528
Marketing techniques include choosing target through market analysis and segmentation and understanding consumer behavior....
Corporate Team - Manager


If there is anyone, and there are not many that I can cite, that I would like to thank from my heart for " being there"’ when we needed assistance the most, it was Birendra and his staff. They went beyond the call of duty. I am witness to rude behavior of monks barking orders to them, shouting from foreigners for immediate assistance and last minute requests and changes, all which were NOT part of their contract. They could have chosen to walk away from the event, most firms would have done so given the way they were mistreated, but he and his staff did not. For, they believed that helping us, against all odds, was the RIGHT thing to do.
Roshan D. Bajracharya Sharminub Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal
I highly recommend Birendra Rajkarnicar, as a person of outstanding intellect, integrity and honesty, and his firm as an established leader in the event planning business.
Carol Rauschenberger Marketing Director, Compuman Inc, Elgin, USA
Kantipur NLHDA Real Estate Expo was very successful …….. The event went very smoothly as per the plan of House of Rajkarnicar…………. all stake holders were happy and satisfied with the well organized event.  The strength of House of Rajkarnicar is that they are professional , experienced and they work as a team.
Mahesh Swar AGM, Kantipur Publication Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal
House of Rajkarnicar was invaluable in the development of Education International's World Congress to be held in Kathmandu. As an example of the expertise needed our Congress attracts two thousand participants, guests, world press, and observers from over one hundred sixty countries. We employ simultaneous interpretation in ten languages. House of Rajkarnikar understood our very complex list of needs, housing, food, transportation, secondary events and used creativity and knowledge of event management to solve the logistic and communication issues presented.   With only five weeks remaining before our conference in Nepal was to begin, the tragic assassination of the Royal Family occurred. In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty that followed, House of Rajkarnicar helped our organization move the entire World Congress to Jomtien, Thailand. The World Congress was a success because of Mr. Rajkarnicar's dedication and determination.
Frank Grasso Ex- Event Coordinator, National Education Association, Washington DC, USA Independent Producer/Director, Florida, USA